New VDP2504 snow plow

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our product range with new VDP2504 snow plow for SUV, light truck and tractor.
The new VDP2504 snow plow for SUV, light trucks and tractors
Main advantages of the new VDP2504 snow plow:

  • Clean working trail – Our patented polyurethane blade holders copy the road surface and provide cleanest possible working trail.
  • Reliability – The snow plow is equipped with polyurethane blade holders that smoothly run over an obstacles as manhole covers. This reduces damage and the maintenance costs for the plow.
  • Low noise – Thanks to polyurethane blade holders the plow works silently, as the noise from the steel blades is not transferred to the mouldboard.
  • Adjustable blade angle – The angle of the blades (in relation to the ground) can be adjusted. In case of steel blades we recommend to use an aggressive or 90-degree angle, with rubber blades use passive angle.
  • Easy to use – The snow plow is operated easily from the cabin, using a joystick.
  • Economical – Coping the road surface and the smooth over run of the obstacles, guarantee a more efficient working process as clean work trail, possibility to use less salt, reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Universal applications – The snow plow is suitable for SUV (with parallelogram), light trucks and for tractors.

New V-plow for is perfect for the snow removal in cities and towns VDP2504 is perfect for tractors
New VDP2504 with two-part mouldboard Patented polyurethane blade holders, that copy the road surface