Patented blade holders

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Patented blade holders from polyurethane

Equipment is available on models MSPN, MSLN, KSM-04

Meiren patented polyurethane blade holders

Patented blade holders from polyurethane

  • Patented blade holders – are made from a special polyurethane mixture. Blade holder section deforms and moves backwards, allowing the snow plow to move smoothly over the obstacle. At a speed of 40 km/h the blade holder passes obstacles up to 12 cm high with no problems.
  • Copies the road surface to the maximum – 305 mm sections of the blade holders enable using blades of different length (305 – 1200 mm). Shorter blades copy the road surface the best.
  • Less noise – The soft polyurethane material reduces the transfer of vibration to the moldboard, and the caused noise is therefore significantly lower.
  • Less salt  – Maximum copying of the road surface and additional blade system ensure a clean road surface even when plowing just once, which reduces the necessity of using salt.
  • Saving the road surface markings – Patented elastic blade holder saves the road surface markings.

Meiren polyurethane blade holders