Rear blade TRN, sideshiftable

Rear blade TRN, sideshiftable

Sideshiftable TRN plow is a multifunctional tool, that can be used as rear-, side- and underbody plow. The plow is suitable for conventional snow removal, roughening of the packet snow and also for leveling gravel roads in spring- or summer time. The sideshift function allows the product to be used as a side wing plow to increase the total working width and cut the ridges of snow piles when raised. Plow that is equipped with grader blades and compression cylinder (offered as extra equipment) can be used for lighter grading work.


New TRN snow plough with sideshift solution

  • New TRN snow plough with sideshift solution
  • Meiren new TRN3400 rear blade
  • New TRN rear blade with sideshift


Rear blade TRN is a multifunctional 3-in-one snow plow with sideshift solution that can be used year round. The winter road maintenance can be made only with rear blade, without using additional front plow. We are currently offering the following products: TRN3100 and TRN3400.

TRN3400 snow plough with support wheels

Main advantages of the rear blade TRN:

  • Meiren TRN rear blade with rigid construction can be used for summer- and winter road maintenance work.
  • Possible to use steel, grader and rubber.
  • The sideshift function in standard equipment, allows the product to be used as a side wing plow and cut the ridges of snow piles.
  • Wide support wheels simplify the profiling of gravel roads.
    Suitable for tractor/loader with actual weight:under 9,5 tunder 12 tunder 12 t
    Total width:2 920 mm3 230 mm3 530 mm
    Total width of blades:2 745 mm3 050 mm3 355 mm
    Min operational width:2 065 mm2 385 mm2 615 mm
    Max turning angle to the left/ right:36°/ 40°36°/ 40°36°/ 40°
    The cutting angle of blades (in relation to vertical):
    Moldboards height (blades included):715/ 1 160 mm715/ 1 160 mm715/ 1 160 mm
    Weight with
    770 kg810 kg850 kg
    Total weight
    when equipped:
    985 kg1 030 kg1 075 kg
  • Equipment

    • Moldboard (throwing to the right)
    • Pivot- and sideshift cylinder
    • 3-point attachment (CAT 2)
    • 3/8“ hoses with ½’’ quick couplings (male)
    • Support leg (for storage)
    • Meiren standard safety markings
    • LED marker lights
    • High wear resistant polyurethane color, Meiren yellow
  • Extra equipment

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