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How Meiren was founded

As the son of an engineer, Raoul was familiar with various machines and appliances from an early age, which had a profound effect on the young man’s future career choice. An unrelenting hunger for invention has driven him all his life.

Raoul first met his business partner Jaan at the Tallinn University of Technology, where both were studying mechanical engineering. 15 years later, when Jaan had become a successful businessman, their roads crossed once again. The initial idea was to start an engineering bureau, but the lack of clients made them decide in favour of manufacturing snowplows. Raoul already had previous snowplow-engineering experience. In 2003, the two men founded the company named after their own family names – MEIREN (Meikup and Renser) Engineering OÜ.

It was agreed from the very beginning that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. From the start, many clients have been included in product development, since they know their own needs better than anyone. This co-operation has created a product that makes every user and road builder happy.

We love our clients and never leave them to deal with problems on their own. We like all our competitors because it always gives us the opportunity to be better than someone else. We don’t think that everyone should eventually become Meiren’s client. That privilege shall be reserved for those who have made that decision, and those who will do so in the future.

Always Yours,
Raoul and Jaan