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  • Meiren Truck

    “Meiren Truck” is Meiren Engineerin OÜ vision of a universal road maintenance truck, that gives possibility to use the vehicle with maximum efficiency. For example, the universal road maintenance truck has 8x4 axle formula and is equipped with hook lift device or swap body system, so that in need the vehicle can be equipped with various equipment for winter- and summer road maintenance or construction.

  • Snow plow MSPN, sideshiftable

    Meiren presents sideshiftable, N-series highway snow plow MSPN. The new highway plow of the N- series has the patented bidirectionally shiftable parallelogram, which gives the driver significantly more options to manoeuvre the snow plow and also helps to cover the area being plowed to the maximum. Patented elastic polyurethane blade holders smoothly move over different obstacles on the ground.

  • Highway snow plow MSKN, sideshiftable

    MSKN-03 series snow plows are mainly designed for working on larger highways, side roads and also on gravel roads, where the working conditions are difficult. The snow plow has an aggressive blade angle, which ensures lower fuel consumption. The moldboard design is optimized for better snow throwing even at high speeds and in difficult snow conditions. The blade holders are equipped with Meiren noise reduction system, which also allow blades to slightly copy the road surface, for receiving better cleaning result. The sideshift function makes working with the plow more comfortable and effective, especially while using side plow. Depending on the work requirements , it is possible to order the snow plow with different height and shape. The plow can be equipped with hydraulic additional blade system, where rubber blades are fixed with EASY Fix system.

  • Light city and highway snow plow MSLN, sideshiftable

    MSLN-04 series light snow plows are designed for areas with little snow, where snow plowing is done with medium sized trucks (10,0 – 18,0 t trucks). The plows are suitable for use on paved roads, such as highways, cities and the surrounding areas, where is important very good cleaning result and low noise level. Patented elastic polyurethane blade holders clean the road surface to maximum and smoothly move over different obstacles on the ground. The sideways shifting solution makes working with the plow comfortable and effective, especially while using side plow. It is possible to order the moldboard in different heights and shapes, depending on the nature of the work.

  • Snow plow LSPN, sideshiftable

    Sideshiftable snow plow LSPN is meant for working on city streets, light traffic roads and smaller side roads. The new highway plow of the N-series has the patented bidirectionally shiftable parallelogram, which gives the driver significantly more options to manoeuvre the snow plow and also helps to cover the area being plowed to the maximum. Impact relief blade holders that work with spring mechanism help to overcome obstacles, for example manhole covers. Snow plow moldboard can be ordered in different height and shape, according to the working conditions.

  • Side wing plow KSM04

    The Meiren's new KSM04 series plow is designed for use on highways and paved roads. Patented elastic polyurethane blade holder move smoothly over different obstacles on the road surface. KSM04 side plow can be equipped with hydraulic additional blade mechanism LH to achieve the best working trail.

  • Underbody scraper AS2508

    Underbody scraper AS2508 is the truck mountable snow plow that can be used both in winter and in summer. Plow can be equipped with hydraulically extendable side wings to achieve the greater span. Hydraulically lifting system and the side wing on the left is optional.

  • Rotary broom HTN, N-series, sideshiftable

    New sideshiftable, N-series rotary broom HTN is a street cleaning brush, designed for use on highways, but is also suitable for cleaning city streets. Innovative aspect of the brush is its sideways shifting solution, which gives you an additional option to operate the broom. The sideways shifting and floating are both hydraulical, sideways tilting is mechanical.

  • Rotary broom for excavator HTE

    Meiren HTE rotary broom for excavators is mainly designed for cleaning roads-, streets-, squares- and construction sites. The broom is equipped with two hydraulic motors is suitable for summer and winter sweeping.

  • V-snowplow VTS02

    The new VTS02 series plows from Meiren combine all the essential and high-quality features. Simple external design holds into a well-thought-out product, with the keywords as unique, user-friendly, and best cleaning results. The new design ensures the best throwing performance for the snow plows on city streets, sidewalks, narrow roads and car parks etc.

  • Tractor snow plow TSL

    Snow plow TSL is durable, simple and low-cost snow plow that is designed for use with tractors.The snow plow can also be used on small wheel loaders and is suitable for cleaning of pavements, parks and smaller side roads.

  • Snow plow TSP02 for tractor

    The new snow plow TSP02 combines the best features of the two previous generation snow plows of TSP03 (cylindrical) and TSK03 (conical). Plows are suitable for working at city streets, light traffic roads, parks and smaller side roads. Thanks to the wider range of extra equipment, the new TSP02 can now be assembled according to the customer's wishes, either cylindrical, conical or both sides double throwing, model Twincone.

  • Rear blade TRN, sideshiftable

    Sideshiftable TRN plow is a multifunctional tool, that can be used as rear-, side- and underbody plow. The plow is suitable for conventional snow removal, roughening of the packet snow and also for leveling gravel roads in spring- or summer time. The sideshift function allows the product to be used as a side wing plow to increase the total working width and cut the ridges of snow piles when raised. Plow that is equipped with grader blades and compression cylinder (offered as extra equipment) can be used for lighter grading work.

  • V-plow VDP2504 for SUV, light truck and tractor

    New VDP2504 snow plow for SUV, light truck and small tractor. Thanks to the unique „noise reducing” blade holders, is the new VDP snow plow perfect for working in towns or in villages, for cleaning light traffic roads, parking lots, sidewalks and other narrow roads.

  • Airport snow plow LES04 LH

    Meiren Snow airport snowplough LES04 LH is a double blade plough ensuring extremely clean ploughing result on the runways. Polyurethane blade holders are maintaining uniform pressure to the surface and spare runway lightning from unnecessary wear and tear. Hydraulically operated extra blade mechanism (LH) collects effectively rest of the snow. LES-04 series snowploughs are equipped with drop-and-drag quick hitch for easy mounting.

  • Airport snow plow LESF04 (foldable)

    Meiren Snow airport snowplough LESF8904 is the biggest heavy duty unit in the Meiren snowplough collection. 9 m wide plow has a foldable mouldboard and a very unique design. 29 patented polyurethane blade holders maintain maximum contact with the surface. Great engineering has reduced the plough weight down to 2140 kg allowing operators to spare truck and keep high speeds on the runways. High quality, excellent features, low maintenance and purchase costs make this plough one of the best choices for airports around the world.

  • W-snowplow VLES for wheel loader

    Foldable V-ploughs VLES series are specially designed for big size wheel loaders to remove large amount of snow. It is a perfect tool to operate at parking areas, airports and other closed territories. Plough can be equipped with rubber or steel blades. Inside wings can be operated 35 degrees back and forward. Side wings are foldable 90 degrees forward.

  • Side wing plow KSR

    The side wing snow plow KSR is adapted for the mounting of the Swedish road maintenance vehicles. This product combines the new innovative ideas. The plow can be used both in three- and four-axle trucks. Also blade holders can be used alone or in combination with toothed blades.

  • Snow bucket LK

    Snow bucket is designed for remove and transport snow or other lightweight materials. As an extra equipment the snow bucket has side flaps and they are designed to collect snow at the ground and due that enlarge the working width of the bucket. If the side flaps are not in use, the snow bucket should be equipped with edge protection. Snow bucket is only available with Volvo BM mount.

  • Meiren product code logic

    You can learn more about Meiren product code logic from the picture below.