V-snowplow VTS02

V-snowplow VTS02

The new VTS02 series plows from Meiren combine all the essential and high-quality features. Simple external design holds into a well-thought-out product, with the keywords as unique, user-friendly, and best cleaning results. The new design ensures the best throwing performance for the snow plows on city streets, sidewalks, narrow roads and car parks etc.



The new standard-length of four-section steel blade holders are equipped with impact-relief and thanks to the two separate adjustable cutting angles (0° /passive), steel and rubber blades can be used on the snow plow.

Adjustable impact-relief tension and the turning angle of blade holders in the front of the plow, reduce the snow plow bounce when an obstacle is encountered.

All this ensures the best possible cleaning performance while working with the plow. Thanks to various mounting solutions, the snow plow can be used with tractors, loaders and trucks.

New VTS series snow plows are suitable for use in every condition: city streets, sidewalks, narrow roads, car parks etc.

We are currently offering the following products: VTS2602, VTS2902, VTS3202, VTS3502, VTS3802.

Main advantages of the new snow plow VTS02:

  • New moldboard design – The new VTS plow design is built to throw even higher loads of snow at higher speeds.
  • Blade holders – Four-section blade holders (the turning angle is in the front of the plow) prevent the plow bounce when an obstacle is encountered.
  • Adjustable impact relief – The tension of the spring of every section of the impact relief is adjusted separately (regardless of the cutting angle).
  • Adjustable blade angle – Two pre-set options for cutting angle (0° / passive) and manual adjustable option.
  • Standard-length blades – The blades used for the new VTS series are STANDARD, either 610 mm and / or 915mm.
  • Different mounting solutions – The snow plow is suitable to use with tractors, loaders and trucks.
  • Technical specificationsVTS2602VTS2902VTS3202VTS3502VTS3802
    Operational width of blades:2 290 -
    2 627 mm
    2 550 -
    2 930 mm
    2 800 -
    3 236 mm
    3 050 -
    3 541 mm
    3 300 -
    3 846 mm
    The cutting angle
    of blades:
    Number of segments:4x610 mm3x610 + 915 mm2x610 +
    2x915 mm
    3x915 + 610 mm4x915 mm
    Moldboards height (high height):1 350 mm1 350 mm1 350 mm1 350 mm1 350 mm
    Moldboards height (low height):1 050 mm1 050 mm1 050 mm1 050 mm1 050 mm
    Max turning angle (both directions):37°37°37°37°37°
    Weight with
    standard equipment:
    670 kg695 kg725 kg775 kg830 kg
  • Equipment

    •     V-plow
    •     Moldboard design ensures better throwing performance
    •     In the middle part of plow snow overshoot protection
    •     Pivot cylinders 2 pcs
    •     Hydraulic hoses and quick connection 1/2“ “male”
    •     4 – section blade holders with impact relief protection (the turning angle is in the front of the plow, to prevent the plow bounce )
    •     Adjustable cutting angle of blades (0° / passive) and manual adjustable option
    •     Adjustable tension of the spring sections (regardless of the cutting angle)
    •     Blade holders for middle blade (mounted according to cutting angle)
    •     Interchangeable middle blades
    •     Mounting details according to the type of vehicle
    •     Safety markings
    •     High wear-resistant polyurethane colour,  Meiren yellow
  • Extra equipment

    • Set of impact relief protection (2 safety valves + hydraulic battery)
    • Synchronized electric distributor (safety valve and hydraulic batteries)
    • Switch for controlling the electrical valve (wired or wireless)
    • Skid shoe holders (2 pcs)
    • Skid shoes STEEL, VAUTID or SANDVIK (2 pcs)
    • LED marker lights (with 7-pin plug)
    • Interchangeable, fixed corner blades (boltable)
    • Interchangeable middle blades
    • Lifting frame of snow plow (parallelogram) to mount the plow in front of the vehicle
    • Electrical hydraulic distributor (possible with parallelogram)
    • Steel, rubber or rubber Hardox blades

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