V-plow VDP2504 for SUV, light truck and tractor

V-plow VDP2504 for SUV, light truck and tractor

New VDP2504 snow plow for SUV, light truck and small tractor. Thanks to the unique „noise reducing” blade holders, is the new VDP snow plow perfect for working in towns or in villages, for cleaning light traffic roads, parking lots, sidewalks and other narrow roads.


New V-plow VDP2504 from Meiren


VDP2504 snow plow advantages
Main advantages of the new VDP2504 snow plow:

  • Clean working trail – Our patented polyurethane blade holders copy the road surface and provide cleanest possible working trail.
  • Reliability – The snow plow is equipped with polyurethane blade holders that smoothly run over an obstacles as manhole covers. This reduces damage and the maintenance costs for the plow.
  • Low noise – Thanks to polyurethane blade holders the plow works silently, as the noise from the steel blades is not transferred to the mouldboard.
  • Adjustable blade angle – The angle of the blades (in relation to the ground) can be adjusted. In case of steel blades we recommend to use an aggressive 75° degree angle, with rubber blades use passive 100° angle.
  • Easy to use – The snow plow is operated easily from the cabin, using a joystick.
  • Economical – Coping the road surface and the smooth over run of the obstacles, guarantee a more efficient working process as clean work trail, possibility to use less salt, reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Universal applications – The snow plow is suitable for SUV (with parallelogram), light trucks and tractors.
    Width of blades (depends on the turning angle):2 143 mm - 2 563 mm
    The cutting angle of blades in relation to the ground surface (steel blades):75° (aggressive) or 90°
    The cutting angle of blades in relation to the ground surface (rubber blades):100° (passive)
    Number of segments:4x 608 mm
    Number of blade holder segments:8x 305 mm (polyurethane)
    Moldboards height (blades included):732 mm
    Max turning angle (both directions):34°
    Weight with standard equipment:205 kg
  • Equipment

    • Patented polyurethane blade holders that copy the road surface
    • New low weight parallelogram
    • Two-part moldboard
    • Mountings for vehicle or tractor
    • Hydraulic hoses and quick connection ¼“ “male” (for tractors)
    • Pivot cylinders (2 pcs) and a lifting cylinder (1 pcs) –  no lifting cylinder is required for tractors
    • Adjustable blade angle
    • Safety markings
    • High wear resistant polyurethane colour, Meiren yellow
  • Extra equipment

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