New control system and video of demo vehicle for road maintenance

On the “Intelligent snow plough” project, Estonian companies with Swedish partners (Meiren Engineering Ltd., Scania Estonia, ELER Hydraulics Ltd., Auto & Metal Ltd., Alniest Ltd and ES Hydagent AB) have built a demo vehicle for road maintenance, which has an entirely new control system with a multi-functional joystick and a touch screen. The system allows you to choose and to preset the working pressure for the various snow ploughs like front and side plough as well as underbody scraper. At the same time the road maintenance device can be controlled using the joystick or touch screen. Each user can store their favorite settings in the future.

New control system for road maintenance vehicle

New display and joystick for road maintenance devices

Different settings on touchscreen

Photoshooting demo vehicle with snow ploughs by Meiren

See the full photoshooting on Meiren Facebook page.