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  • Airport snow plow LES04 LH

    Meiren Snow airport snowplough LES04 LH is a double blade plough ensuring extremely clean ploughing result on the runways. Polyurethane blade holders are maintaining uniform pressure to the surface and spare runway lightning from unnecessary wear and tear. Hydraulically operated extra blade mechanism (LH) collects effectively rest of the snow. LES-04 series snowploughs are equipped with drop-and-drag quick hitch for easy mounting.

  • Airport snow plow LESF04 (foldable)

    Meiren Snow airport snowplough LESF8904 is the biggest heavy duty unit in the Meiren snowplough collection. 9 m wide plow has a foldable mouldboard and a very unique design. 29 patented polyurethane blade holders maintain maximum contact with the surface. Great engineering has reduced the plough weight down to 2140 kg allowing operators to spare truck and keep high speeds on the runways. High quality, excellent features, low maintenance and purchase costs make this plough one of the best choices for airports around the world.

  • W-snowplow VLES for wheel loader

    Foldable V-ploughs VLES series are specially designed for big size wheel loaders to remove large amount of snow. It is a perfect tool to operate at parking areas, airports and other closed territories. Plough can be equipped with rubber or steel blades. Inside wings can be operated 35 degrees back and forward. Side wings are foldable 90 degrees forward.