Rotary broom for excavator HTE

Rotary broom for excavator HTE

Meiren HTE rotary broom for excavators is mainly designed for cleaning roads-, streets-, squares- and construction sites. The broom is equipped with two hydraulic motors is suitable for summer and winter sweeping. Do to the mechanical tilting possibility (3° to the right and left), the broom will make the best sweeping result also on the sloped surfaces or roads. With locked mechanical tilting, the broom can be tilted hydraulically to the desired angle, for example with excavator tiltrotator. For excavators without tiltrotator, you can equip the Meiren HTE brooms with hydraulic turning- and tilting function.



  • Technical specifications:HTE2500HTE3000
    Overall width: 2 720 mm3 220 mm
    Bristles outer diameter:915 mm915 mm
    Bristles internal diameter:254 mm254 mm
    Bristles overall width:2 440 mm2 960 mm
    Broom standard height:1 440 mm1 440 mm
    Weight with standard equipment:510 kg560 kg
    Tilt in both directions:
    Recommended hydraulic pressure:130…150 bar130…150 bar
    Reccommended hydraulic flow rate:90…150 l/min90…150 l/min
  • Equipment

    • Brush frame, with engine holders
    • Mechanical side tilting (lockable)
    • Two hydraulic motors
    • Rotator shaft for 915 mm bristles
    • Hydraulic hoses and quick couplings ¾”
    • Protective plastic of the brush
    • Attachments according to the mounting
    • Support legs (for storage)
    • Meiren safety markings
    • High wear resistant polyurethane colour, Meiren yellow
  • Extra equipment

    • Hydraulical turning (44°/ 40°) and tilting (30°/ 30°)
    • Brushes 915 mm (B-line, S-line and Snowline)

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