Patent EE05739 B1

Since February 16th 2015 Meiren Engineering owns the patent no EE05739 B1 for the snow plough blade holder of a road maintenance vehicle.

Patent EE05739 B1 for blade holder of a snow plough

The blade holder is made of elastically deforming, including elastomer material, wherein with this blade holder provided with the blade it is enabled to follw unevenness of the processed surface. The blade holder of the invention comprises a part made of elastically deforming material, which has one or several air filled hollow spaces. Therefore the blade holder moves similarly to parallelogram (four-bar chain). Besides that, due to one or several air filled hollow spaces the blade holder deforms more easily, compared to similar constructions without hollow space. The blade holder of the present invention consists of modules placed beside each other in an alternative embodiment.

Watch how the patented blade holders work: