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  • Snow plow MSPN, sideshiftable

    Meiren presents sideshiftable, N-series highway snow plow MSPN. The new highway plow of the N- series has the patented bidirectionally shiftable parallelogram, which gives the driver significantly more options to manoeuvre the snow plow also helps to cover the area being plowed to the maximum. Patented elastic polyurethane blade holders smoothly move over different obstacles on the ground.

  • Underbody scraper AS2507

    Underbody scraper AS2507 is the truck mountable snow plow that can be used both in winter and in summer. Plow can be equipped with hydraulically extendable side wings to achieve the greater span. Hydraulically lifting system and the side wing on the left is optional.

  • Rotary broom HT, N-series, sideshiftable

    New sideshiftable, N-series rotary broom HT is a street cleaning brush, designed for use on highways, but is also suitable for cleaning city streets. Innovative aspect of the brush is its sideways shifting solution, which gives you an additional option to operate the broom. The sideways shifting and floating are both hydraulical, sideways tilting is mechanical.

  • V-plow VDP2504 for SUV, light truck and tractor

    New VDP2504 snow plow for SUV, light truck and small tractor. Thanks to the unique „noise reducing” blade holders, is the new VDP snow plow perfect for working in towns or in villages, for cleaning light traffic roads, parking lots, sidewalks and other narrow roads.

  • Tractor snow plow TSL

    Snow plow TSL is durable, simple and low-cost snow plow that is designed for use with tractors.The snow plow can also be used on small wheel loaders and is suitable for cleaning of pavements, parks and smaller side roads.

  • Rear blade TRN, sideshiftable

    Rear blade TRN is the new snow removal equipment in Meiren Snow product range. Multifunctional 3-in-one rear blade with sideshift solution can be used in both winter and summer season. In the winter the plow can be used as side plow to enlarge the total working width and to clear the snow on road shoulders by cutting the ridges of the snow piles. In summer the plow can be used in road maintenance as you can use it to distribute fillers and level soil. The rear blade can be used stand-alone, without additional front plow rear of the tractor.

  • V-plow VTSP- tractor snow plow

    V-plow VTSP is sturdy and robust snow plow with partially plastic lobes for tractors and wheel loaders. There are 4 independently hanging blade holders, equipped with spring mechanism to reduce the impacts from obstacles. VTSP snow plows are made of ductile cast steel and finished with epoxy paint. Before painting are the steel details processed with steel-grid blasting.

  • V-plow VTS- tractor snow plow

    V-plows VTS are double-blade tractor snow plows with advanced and reinforced structure, the quality and ease of use of which meet the highest requirements. The snow plow is meant for tractors used for cleaning light traffic roads, parks and smaller side roads. The blade holders of VTS-series snow plows with a steel blade are equipped with a two-section spring mechanism to reduce impacts.

  • Tractor snow plow TSP

    Snow plow TSP is a sturdy and robust snow plow for tractors and wheel loaders .There are 4 indipendently hanging blade holders, equipped with spring mechanism to reduce the impacts from obstacles. Tractor snow plow TSP is made of ductile cast steel and finished with epoxy paint. Before painting are the steel details processed with steel-grid blasting.

  • Highway snow plow MSP03

    Highway snow plow MSP03 is intended for professional use to clear loose snow from roads and highways. The durable high tensil steel construction with semi-plastic moldboard and noise reduction system ensure its economical and smooth operation even at high speed. MSP- series can be equipped with hydraulic additional blade mechanism (LH): this solution ensures soft cleaning of the road surface.

  • Highway snow plow MSP04

    Meiren highway snow plows MSP04 combine the best qualities of highway snow plow MSP03. The highway snow plows MSP04 have a durable construction with plastic moldboard and can be turned in both sides. Snow plows best features are also patented blade holders from polyurethane which reduces the transfer of vibration.

  • Highway snow plow MSK

    Highway snow plows MSK is mainly meant for areas with extreme snow conditions. This model combines the best structural solutions of MSP-serie plows and reliable components with a new high throw blade profile. The highway snow plow comes with a vast choice of equipment levels, which means that there is a best solution available for any job. Whether you need to plow the side roads or a salty highway – the MSK serie will meet both requirements.

  • Side wing plow KSM

    Side wing plow KSM is the truck-mounted snow plow with a new concept. It has changeable blade holders for steel or rubber blades. Steel blades have working angle of 45° and rubber blades 90°. Rubber blades are attached with easyfix so there is no need to drill holes into rubber. Change blades in minutes!

  • Side wing plow KSR

    The side wing snow plow KSR is adapted for the mounting of the Swedish road maintenance vehicles. This product combines the new innovative ideas. The plow can be used both in three- and four-axle trucks. Also blade holders can be used alone or in combination with toothed blades.

  • City & highway snow plow LSP

    City and highway snow plow LSP has a unic spring mechanism and blade holders with adjustable angle. There are 4 independent sections of blade holders with ability to fold backwards in case of impacts from obstacles. City snow plows are equipped with quickmounting system for rubber blades. Rubber as well as steel blades can be used: together or separately.

  • Airport snow plow LES 8603

    Airport snow plow LES 8603 is the biggest heavy duty unit in the Meiren Snow's snow removal equipment collection. 9 m wide plow has a foldable mouldboard, drop-and-grab quick hitch and a very unique design. 28 elastomer blade holders maintain maximum contact with the surface.

  • Airport snow plow LES03

    Meiren Snow airport snow plow LES03 is a double blade plow ensuring extremely clean plowing result on the runways. Polyurethane blade holders are maintaining uniform pressure to the surface and spare runway lightning from unnecessary wear and tear. Hydraulically operated extra blade mechanism (LH) collects effectively rest of the snow.

  • Snow plow VLES for wheel loader

    The foldable snow plow is specially designed for powerful wheel loader to remove a large amount of snow. It is a perfect tool to operate at airports, car parks or other wide areas. The snow plow can be equipped with rubber or steel blades. It is made of ductile cast steel and finished with epoxy paint. Before painting the steel details are processed with steel-grid blasting. The internal wings are operatable 35 degrees back or forward. The outer wings are foldable up to 90 degrees forward.

  • Snow bucket LK

    Snow bucket is designed for remove and transport snow or other lightweight materials. As an extra equipment the snow bucket has side flaps and they are designed to collect snow at the ground and due that enlarge the working width of the bucket. If the side flaps are not in use, the snow bucket should be equipped with edge protection.